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Since 1945, Drs. Harris, Birkhill, Wang, Songe and Associates has provided diagnostic imaging services to the communities of southeastern Michigan.

Over the years the group has grown from a small two-man practice to a large multi-specialty radiology group of 44 diagnostic and subspecialty fellowship trained radiologists.

The group has been the provider of radiology services at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital since 1945 and has been the sole provider of imaging services at Oakwood Hospital-Dearborn (now Beaumont Hospital-Dearborn) since the facility opened its doors in 1953.

Oakwood Heritage Hospital (Beaumont Hospital-Taylor) was added to our service in 1989 and Oakwood Southshore Hospital (Beaumont Hospital-Trenton) was added in 2002. Oakwood Annapolis Hospital (Beaumont Hospital-Wayne) was the most recent addition as the result of a group merger with SE Radiology Associates, PC in 2009.

The group also extended services to Monroe County, Michigan with the addition of Mercy Memorial Hospital (now ProMedica Monroe Regional Hospital) from 2007 to 2021. ProMedica Monroe is part of the ProMedica Health System providing comprehensive healthcare services to the communities located in Southeast Michigan and Ohio.